Good-bye iPhone, Hello World

Earlier this week Lance and I switched back to an ‘old’ phone with no data (i.e. no wifi/internet). In this day and age we are the oddballs. The folks at Verizon gave us the “Why in the world would you want to do that?” speel. Um, money.

More Cheap Tricks

Our house, is a very very very fine house… We bought our house, sight unseen, with the plans to ‘flip it’ but decided we could make it work for us. Essentially we bought a teeny tiny house with a big arse pole barn! The tiny house fits our needs and requires less expenses with utilities, […]

The Simple Life

I googled that phrase (of course) and came up with that gawd awful TV show a few years back with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. That show was just wrong on so many levels. They give ‘simple’ a bad name ;-). The magazine named, ‘REALSIMPLE’, is 1/2 way decent. But if you ask me, some […]

Good-bye Cute Little Honda Civic Coupe

What a week!  These posts will try to capture the events of each day. Every day this past week has been an episode or a chapter in our fun adventure.  My attention span is short when reading blogs (reports, books, magazines).  Show me a picture and tell me a little about it. I’ll try to […]

Getting rid of excess baggage

How do we accumulate so much STUFF?  Since Lance and I have been together, we’ve moved 4 times, about to embark on #5, and it’s a doozie (hence the creation of this blog).  Some of the stuff was borrowed to help stage this ginormous house (big for us, anyway. The last house was 12oo sq […]