Nebo Fig Tasting

Does anybody grow this fig that can help me nail down this tropical flavor? Nebo in the Fig Variety Database

Chicago Hardy Fig Tasting

The Chicago Hardy fig is another good example of a variety that should not be overlooked just because it is inexpensive and widely available. Chicago Hardy in the Fig Variety Database

Ronde de Bordeaux Fig Tasting

Prolly a fig variety everyone should include in their fig orchard and some ramblings on ??? Ronde de Bordeaux in the Fig Variety Database Enlightenment Garden’s “Stops Ants from Invading your Figs” YouTube video The Millennial Gardener’s “Keep Ants Out Of Potted Plants Naturally With This Simple Trick” YouTube video

Brooklyn Dark Fig Tasting

Mother Nature was just not cooperating. After trying to do the video outside, I was finally forced in-doors. Brooklyn Dark in the Fig Variety Database

Peter’s Honey NOT Fig Tasting

Since doing this video, the feedback indicates that this is not a Peter’s Honey. It’s always disappointing to have a variety become an Unknown. It may be a Mary Lane Seedless. Whatever it is, I really like this fig and it’s a definite keeper. I don’t wanna give too much away, but it tastes like […]

LSU Red Fig Tasting

For those of you in the south and maybe even the north… LSU Red in the Fig Variety Database

Paradiso Genova Fig Tasting

Apparently, I need a better wind screen. In spite of the wind noise, I hope you still find this fig tasting helpful. Paradiso Genova in the Fig Variety Database

Little Ruby Fig Tasting

This is its second season in ground and I acquired it as a tissue culture from Salad Beard Farm. I don’t wanna judge this variety prematurely, but if I don’t see an improvement, this one is gonna go. Little Ruby in the Fig Variety Database