Adriatic Fig Family in The Fig Variety Database

A little while back, my friend Ross Raddi over at posted a YouTube video entitled Adriatic Figs: What that Means. So this seems like a good opportunity to share a feature of the Fig Variety Database. If you will go to the Fig Variety Database, scroll down to the “Family” dropdown, select “Adriatic”, scroll […]

Use The Fig Variety Database to Avoid Buying the Same Variety

As a fig newbie, there was nothing more frustrating to me (other than killing cuttings) than to buy the same variety over and over again, only because of different names. This is what got me started building a spreadsheet to track all of the different varieties. Eventually, that spreadsheet became the initial basis for the […]

Brown Turkey NOT Fig Tasting

I received this as a Brown Turkey. Is it a Southern, California or English? Can anybody help me identify which? Apparently, it is NOT even a Brown Turkey. The consensus seems to be that it is a Hardy Chicago/Mt Etna type.

Colonel Littman’s Black Cross Fig

Colonel Littman’s Black Cross has garnered the spot light of late as a premium fig. In addition to what many call an awesome flavor, CLBC is considered cold hardy, has a tight eye and is not prone to splitting. I received a cutting from Mike Davenport this spring and in spite of the newly sprouted […]

Fig Variety Database – Using the Variety Search Function

The Fig Variety Database can help you avoid buying duplicate or similar varieties, thus saving money. When using the FVDB variety search function, it is helpful to understand a few things (see video below): The variety search field will provide suggestions once you begin typing in the field. The variety search function will search on […]