JH Adriatic Fig Tasting

I forgot to mention in the video that this is its second season in ground, but it went in late last year. It died back to the ground over winter. This tree was started as a cutting from MountainFigs. JH Adriatic in the Fig Variety Database

Adriatic Fig Family in The Fig Variety Database

A little while back, my friend Ross Raddi over at FigBoss.com posted a YouTube video entitled Adriatic Figs: What that Means. So this seems like a good opportunity to share a feature of the Fig Variety Database. If you will go to the Fig Variety Database, scroll down to the “Family” dropdown, select “Adriatic”, scroll […]

Use The Fig Variety Database to Avoid Buying the Same Variety

As a fig newbie, there was nothing more frustrating to me (other than killing cuttings) than to buy the same variety over and over again, only because of different names. This is what got me started building a spreadsheet to track all of the different varieties. Eventually, that spreadsheet became the initial basis for the […]

Alma Fig Tasting

This honey fig has potential. Alma in the Fig Variety Database

The Swales are Working Swell

What in the world is a swale? My spellchecker doesnโ€™t even recognize the word. Two Videos on Swales Last Year Build Swales to Improve Soil Moisture & Decrease Erosion Improve Plant Health & Nutrients with Swales One Year Later

Collecting the LSU Fig Varieties

Since the LSU fig varieties were bred for southern climates, they are among the most collected for dixie growers. But even northern fig lovers appreciate the LSU figs and grow them in containers, performing the fig shuffle, and even planting them in ground. It began back in the mid-1950’s, when Ed Oโ€™Rourke joined the LSU […]

Archipel Fig Tasting

I finally broke down and ordered some Tanglefoot to battle the ๐Ÿœ๐Ÿœ๐Ÿœ๐Ÿœ Tanglefoot on Amazon Archipel in the Fig Variety Database