We’re Still Here

Granted, we’ve only lived here for 3+ months, it seems like more. Maybe it’s because the whole journey has been such a big ordeal. Leaving Alabama, the move up here, experiencing Idaho, fixing up the house, getting settled and ready for winter… all pretty life changing events. Life hasn’t gotten uneventful yet, though in retrospect, […]

My Life – More Interesting Than Fiction

Forgive me father for I have lived, it’s been one month since my last blog post (if you’re not Catholic, you may not get that statement. If you ARE Catholic, you may not find the humor in it, oh well). Those of you that ‘blog’ know what it’s like to WANT to post, but get […]

Living In It

It gets worse before it gets better… I googled that quote and found everything from lost love to acne problems.. Nothing about home improvements ­čśë ┬á

Is Today Saturday?

That’s what I just heard Lance ask Kirk downstairs. ┬áI joke that we we need one of those clocks that show the day of the week, cause we’re never really sure. ┬áNevertheless, it was a gorgeous, sunny, fall day. ┬áI cleaned windows and the woodburning stove. Check out the view from our upstairs office.