2014-06-06 Installing Footer Drain Pipe

Some tasks are just no fun. They can be back-breaking or boring. Prepping the foundation for backfilling is both of those. Add heat and sun to the mix and Lance gets whiny. But it hasta be done.

2014-06-01 Air Conditioning Install

Welcome to June, along with the heat and humidity of Alabama. After spending a sweaty day with Franky, installing the desks, I determined that air conditioning may be a good idea. In spite of it’s power requirements, AC can be quite valuable without having the home bermed and shaded. The house actually stays fairly cool until it […]

2014-05-29 Built-In Desks Install

I really hate those “just gotta have” desires. Sometimes they are just so ruthless that we would be willing to give up our firstborn to Rumpelstiltskin to achieve them. Giving into such wants can often lead to negative effects – like an expensive dam that doesn’t hold water.

2014-05-27 Prepping the Concrete for Back-Fill

Though I’d rather be installing the solar array, I still haven’t found anyone to dig the eight holes needed for the support posts. So, for now, I’ll work on prepping for the berm backfill. This includes adding the waterproofing membrane to the ICFs, then sheets of OSB to protect the membrane from getting punctured by […]

2014-05-16 Moved In & Current Projects

After getting the septic tank installed on May 7th, we moved in the following day. By that point there really wasn’t much left to move: a bed, computers, entertainment center, a few clothes and personal items.

We Have A Bathroom, Oh Yes We Do!

I’ve lived in soooo many houses (cities, states…). Why am I excited about our little house in the hillside with it’s ONE (1) yes, only one toilet. Because it’s ours. All ours. The bank doesn’t own it. We’re not renting nor are we fixing it up to sell to someone else. It’s our bathroom!

2014-05-01 Countertops Installed

May is here, and so are our countertops! Plywood on the cabinets functioned as our countertops for a few weeks, but these Wilsonart tops are much prettier.

2014-04-27 Finishing the Concrete Floors & Other Stuff

When we are asked what kind of flooring we are going to install in our new home, we respond, “We’re not”. People seem perplexed by this. I actually like the look of smooth, sealed concrete (leaf prints and all). It’s cost effective and easy to maintain. Yes, it can be cold (kinda nice in the […]

2014-04-24 My OCD Wall Lamps

Some would call me a well-organized individual, yet I never feel quite organized. Some call this OCD, which is just politically correct for “anal retentive”. I call it “getting situated”, but it’s more of a process than an outcome in reality.