Grillin’ & Chillin’

Whoops, this one got a lil too char-broiled
Whoops, this one got a lil too char-broiled

Happy first official day of summer! Is it hot enough for you? If we manage to stay in the shade, the breeze keeps things comfortable outside. The bugs usually only show up at dusk and dawn. We’ve taken to cooking outside to keep the house cool. Today, in celebration of summer (but really cause we had hamburger meat that needed using up) we decide to grill hamburgers. Easy enough, if you own a grill… Continue reading “Grillin’ & Chillin’”

Just Add Water

Sometimes the best things are the easiest things. Raise your hand if you run from a recipe that has more than 5 ingredients? Me, me, me! It doesn’t mean I always make simple things, it does mean I like to keep it simple. My favorite salad dressing is no exception. Continue reading “Just Add Water”

Things Perish With The Using

The disemboweled Mac Pro
The disemboweled Mac Pro

Or “Nothing lasts forever”.

My Mac Pro is evidence of that.  Its untimely death was a great disappointment.  Eleven must be the factor in “computer years”.  Yet another unexpected expense and time user-upper.  And an additional excuse for me to not post Building Updates. Though I’m able to blog with Mare’s MacBook Pro, it does not support reading from the Mac Pro 3TB & 4TB drives, so all those pix are stuck in never land until the new computer arrives. Continue reading “Things Perish With The Using”

Got Dreams?

Got dreamsDreams, goals, aspirations- call it what you like, we all have things we want to happen in our life. The cool thing about dreams is they can change, often. Look back to what you dreamed of when you were a kid. What did you want last year so badly? What are you crossing your fingers for now? Continue reading “Got Dreams?”

Mud Days

Enjoying the 3rd ‘snow day’ off from school this week (6th one for 2014). We all know southerners aren’t the best at driving in the snow, so we’re told to stay home (and off the roads). Down in our part of Bama we got no snow but a double dose of mud! Hey, it’s a chance for me to hang out with my honey at our property, I’ll take it!!


Have any of you ever driven in the mud (besides you, Judy Bluis)? It’s equally as slippery as ice and quite as messy as snow. They actually make mud tires, I think. Until we put gravel down on our driveway(s), we will be slipsliding in the sludgy mud! Wonder if I can call into work that I can’t make it out due to 3 feet of MUD. Prolly not.

I have no desire to go out and make a mudman nor lay on the ground and form a mud-angel (eww). Throwing mud clods might be fun and squishing through it while wearing my rain-boots entertains me for a bit. The dried mud flinging off the truck tires once we are on the paved road is kind of cool too (no, I don’t get out much).

It would seem Alabama has had more ‘bad weather’ since we’ve been building our empire in the woods. Too rainy to excavate, too wet to have concrete trucks come in, too frozen to get the pumper truck out to pour concrete… Rain, freezing temps and MUD… Maybe we’re just overly anxious to ‘get ‘er done’… Maybe it will all come together in the Spring! Maybe next year we can sit on our concrete roof and watch the storms roll in over Bulls Gap mountain and reminisce about the crazy weather of the past year. In the meantime, we plug along, this week in the mud…next week??