Insurance & SEX


Ok, so I tricked ya. Would you read a post about ‘insurance’?? I know I wouldn’t…. but bear with me. We’ve all got health insurance, car insurance, house/renters insurance. We pay a set amount each month to ‘insure’ that if something were to go wrong, we’ll be ‘covered’. We hope/pray not to need it. There are many other ways we insure our day to day lives…. most of us have a spare tire, in case we have a flat. Many of us fill up our tanks before we’re on empty, to insure we’re not stuck in traffic and run out of gas. Mommies pack snacks and toys in their bags to insure their kiddos will have what they need, before they need it. People pay an exterminator to spray for bugs each month, to insure they’re not swarmed by unwanted creatures.   Continue reading “Insurance & SEX”