2014-07-04 A Few Solar Panels Installed

8 panels up - 16 to go!
8 panels up – 16 to go!

Yep, I worked on Independence Day. Tomorrow I will not work. This is where it starts to get exciting (for me, anyway). Need to pick up a few items from Home Depot so I can get these producing some power!

2014-07-03 Iron Ridge Solar Supports in the Ground

The ground mount supports are done - time to start putting up panels!
The ground mount supports are done – time to start putting up panels!

Anybody wanna help me put up 21 foot 3″ iron pipe over our heads? No? I didn’t think so. Guess I’ll do it myself, then.

I was told this pipe weighs 8 pounds per foot. At 21 feet, that’s 168 pounds per pipe. I find that difficult to believe, but my back is assuring me of its validity.

Next up, install rails and panels!

2014-06-22 Installing Solar Mount Foundations

Mixing the concrete on site
Mixing the concrete on site

Well, I’ve got a strategy on the array pole concrete. I bought a mixer that can be used for some other projects I have planned and will just mix on site. I attempted to have gravel delivered (part of it for the concrete, the rest put down on the driveways). But there’s a large steam plant being built and ALL of the trucks in the area are dedicated to that project, so I’m taking Big Red to the quarry for gravel.

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2014-06-12 Digging the Solar Mount Footers

Le'me show you how it's done
Le’me show you how it’s done

Getting the solar array built has been a top priority for me, but, apparently, it’s not much of a concern for track hoe guys. Again, the frustration that stems from unreturned calls and no shows continues to build. Sometimes I’m more annoyed by the continual lack of customer service. Other times I seem to take it in stride cuz it’s “normal”.

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