The Journey – Providential Twists & Turns

 I never expected to live IN the clouds, just another perk God’s given us. When we’re young, we all try to imagine what we want to do when we grow up; what we’ll be and how we’ll live out our fairytale life. We’re not promised a crystal ball nor an itinerary.  What fun would THAT […]

You Might Be a Backwoods Dweller If…

The South has it’s rednecks, the Appalachian’s their hillbillies. In less than 6 months, there have been many changes in our lives. Yep, you just might be a backwoods dweller if…

Today’s Hike

The trek to and from the mailbox wasn’t enough of a challenge for me this day, so I decided to put the cleats on my snowboots and hike up the road behind us…

Ever Changing View

My cheap entertainment; Look outside the window and see what God has done with our view. Today it’s evergreens, sans the flocking. It rained yesterday, why is the snow still on the ground? Oh. It’s January and I live in Idaho.

The Simple Life

I googled that phrase (of course) and came up with that gawd awful TV show a few years back with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. That show was just wrong on so many levels. They give ‘simple’ a bad name ;-). The magazine named, ‘REALSIMPLE’, is 1/2 way decent. But if you ask me, some […]

Is Today Saturday?

That’s what I just heard Lance ask Kirk downstairs.  I joke that we we need one of those clocks that show the day of the week, cause we’re never really sure.  Nevertheless, it was a gorgeous, sunny, fall day.  I cleaned windows and the woodburning stove. Check out the view from our upstairs office.

A Day In The Life Of Us

Have I mentioned that there are 3, (THREE) of us in this 760 sq ft cabin, with ONE teeny tiny bathroom! The boys have the added perk of an outdoor potty, but it’s actually worked OK. Currently none of us are employed outside of the home, so the rush to get ready is not here. […]

Hells Gulch & Back

I hesitate to blog without photos. I think the pictures really add to the story. Heck, would you read a magazine article without a few pictures? I know I wouldn’t. But, maybe this last adventure will help me remember to pack the camera, even if I think we’re just going to the local post office! […]

We, The People

Have you heard that before? Yep, the very first line of the Constitution. This isn’t a history blog, but it is a little background on what we feel is missing in our country. We can’t fix things, but we can get away from the hustle and bustle and BS of everyday life. That’s what it […]

Ahhh, I can’t wait to see it in person

This is another image shared by our Realtor in Idaho.  We’re waiting, impatiently, for Kirk to get internet so he can send photos with the views near us.  The neighbors have ‘dial-up’, Lance is investigating other options.  We can live without alot of things, but if we lose communication with the outside world, we may […]