The Journey – Providential Twists & Turns

 I never expected to live IN the clouds, just another perk God’s given us. When we’re young, we all try to imagine what we want to do when we grow up; what we’ll be and how we’ll live out our fairytale life. We’re not promised a crystal ball nor an itinerary.  What fun would THAT be? I remember wanting to be a mom with 2 kids and a dog. I didn’t have a ‘plan’ for when they went off to college. Maybe that’s why the ‘mid-life crisis’ happens about the time the empty nest occurs.  

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The Simple Life

I googled that phrase (of course) and came up with that gawd awful TV show a few years back with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. That show was just wrong on so many levels. They give ‘simple’ a bad name ;-). The magazine named, ‘REALSIMPLE’, is 1/2 way decent. But if you ask me, some of their recipes are NOT so simple. A ‘simple’ recipe should have no more than 5 ingredients and dirty no more than 1 pan and 1 bowl. That’s if you ask me, but no one has.  

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A Day In The Life Of Us

Have I mentioned that there are 3, (THREE) of us in this 760 sq ft cabin, with ONE teeny tiny bathroom! The boys have the added perk of an outdoor potty, but it’s actually worked OK. Currently none of us are employed outside of the home, so the rush to get ready is not here.

The cool autumn weather is upon us. It doesn’t keep Kirk inside, in fact he’s usually up and atem before I’ve had my 2nd cup of coffee. Kirk has bonded with the chainsaw, either chopping down unwanted trees, splitting wood we’ve acquired or fetching fallen trees in the woods. We will have a warm winter, thanks in part to his love of the lumbering.  

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We, The People

Have you heard that before? Yep, the very first line of the Constitution.

This isn’t a history blog, but it is a little background on what we feel is missing in our country. We can’t fix things, but we can get away from the hustle and bustle and BS of everyday life. That’s what it feels like we’ve done here in our little lake community in Saint Maries, Idaho. We gravitated to Idaho for many reasons, one of which was it’s claim to more freedoms. I believe it was 4th on a list of the freest states, taking many things into account; laws, rights, policies and overall liberty friendly.  

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Ahhh, I can’t wait to see it in person

This is another image shared by our Realtor in Idaho.  We’re waiting, impatiently, for Kirk to get internet so he can send photos with the views near us.  The neighbors have ‘dial-up’, Lance is investigating other options.  We can live without alot of things, but if we lose communication with the outside world, we may … Read moreAhhh, I can’t wait to see it in person

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