I’ve lived in soooo many houses (cities, states…). Why am I excited about our little house in the hillside with it’s ONE (1) yes, only one toilet. Because it’s ours. All ours. The bank doesn’t own it. We’re not renting nor are we fixing it up to sell to someone else. It’s our bathroom!

For almost 11 months we’d come out to our property daily and dream of waking up here. Living here has been our dream, well since we started planning our future together. Well, and living here means having a bathroom. The original plan was to have 2, you know, one for you and one for us… We cut the house size to save money (and build a lake/dam). Nature is our 2nd bathroom (no worries, we’ll let you use the inside one when you come visit).

ShowertimeCheck out this shower head, it’s waaaaay up there. My plumber (aka hubby) must have stayed in way too many hotels and houses where the shower nozzle hit him mid chest. Not anymore. This sucker is so high I have to tippy toe to reach the sprayer. No worries, it feels like I’m in a heavy rain shower. If the mister is happy, the missus is too.

The older I get the less I like to look in the mirror. That person I see is not the one in my memory. When I brush my teeth I often have baking soda spittle on my chin. I’d rather look into my hubby’s eyes as he looks back with love to tell me I’ve got gunk on my chin. Check out my magnified mirror. So, it’s amusing that my favorite part of the bathroom is this nifty device. I can now see my stray eyebrows well enough to pluck ‘em. Oh, the simple pleasures. Magnifying Mirror

Okay, more pics and stories soon. I must empty smore boxes and consolidate 3 or 4 lotion bottles so I can squeeze my stuff into this one (very nice) bathroom. I do so love it here, oh yes I do!!

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