We all have different ideas about angels. I was reminded of this when I googled ‘angel’ for an image for this post. Apparently, the one I chose can also be a tattoo ;-).

Tuesday, Lance and I went into town. I know what some of you must be thinking, we JUST went to town the week before. Remember the entire month (Feb-Mar) that we went absolutely nowhere. Ah, those were the days. I’ll blame the chicken coop, it needed more wood. Plus my cousin was driving through Coeur d’Alene on her way from OR to MN. Plus we needed milk and fuel… so it was a purpose filled trip.

Let me start this ‘running out of gas’ paragraph by saying; I’ve never, ever, run out of gas. Nor have I been with someone who has run out of gas. I have ’empty tank’ phobia. Once my fuel gauge is below 1/2 full, I start mentally shopping for the closest and, more importantly, cheapest gas station. Lance, on the other hand, feels it’s a waste of time to fill up before the tank is almost empty. It’s worked for him all these years. My way has worked for me.

The fuel gauge DINGED as we were leaving the neighborhood in Lance’s Dodge Ram 3500 dually Cummins diesel 24-valve turbo (or as I like to call her, Big Red).  Keep in mind we live 40 miles from the best diesel station (best = cheapest + fast pumps). I tend to go into ‘worry-mode’ when I hear the gauge DING. Lance writes himself a note (on the nerd pad stuck to the windshield) ‘FUEL’. As if I’ll let him forget.

We exit off the interstate, get to the bottom of the ramp and KaaCHUG. Big Red took her last gulp of diesel and died. If we were in my Subie, all that would mean would be a 2 block hike to the Tesoro Gas Station. Those of you that own a diesel vehicle realize, running out of fuel is a mini-nightmare. No matter how much fuel you pour into the tank, it WILL NOT START again until you ‘bleed the lines’. Not something they give step-by-step instructions for in the Dodge Ram Owners Manual (I know, I looked). They do say a mechanic will be needed. Crap, that means we’d have to get the truck towed and also pay a mechanic.

I AM married to ‘Mr. Fix-Anything’. Since this was the first diesel he has owned, he hasn’t ‘gone to school’ on it fully, yet. While stopped in the intersection, our hazard lights flashing, several people roll down their windows to ask if we needed help. I wanted to respond, “Are you by chance a diesel mechanic?’ One jokester hollered, “You almost made it” (referring to the gas station being just around the corner).

All God’s angels come to us disguised.  ~James Lowell

The next volunteer to pull up was a stocky, cigar toking, 50-something man in his Mercedes SUV. Lance told him the short story (ran out of fuel, need to bleed the lines). He didn’t flinch at leaving his Mercedes parked on the curb as he then proceeded to take a peek under the hood. Lance, never meeting a stranger, found out the guy’s name was Steve Brown and he’s a retired mechanic from Jersey. HALLELUIAH!

Both men had their heads under the hood. I heard Lance ask Steve what he did  these days. Steve replied, “I get to work for God full-time now”. Those words coming out of a cigar smoking older gent in a T-shirt and jean shorts spoke volumes to me.  It was in the way he said it, with pride, not preachiness. People like Steve share God’s word much more efficiently than those religious folks. This guy not only talked the talk, but he walked the walk. PLUS he had  just the right wrench in his back seat to assist in the task of bleeding the lines.

Apparently, we were stalled on the sensor for the traffic light. Enter angel #2. A big ol’ hippy city worker informed us we were causing an error. He reminded me of Sweetums, the large, hairy ogre character on the Muppets.

Sweet City Worker

Mr. City Worker didn’t tell us to move, he didn’t even ask us to. Do you know what he did? He TOWED us out-of-the-way. He even went the extra mile (or 2 blocks rather) to take us to the gas station so Lance and Steve could work on the truck without traffic whizzing by.  In the photo below you will find our angels; Steve, on the bumper, his side kick, Sweetums, watching and learning. You will find ME, thanking God for sending a couple of His most qualified angels with the right tools.

Men at work

The whole ‘ordeal’ was actually pleasant. Lance got an education, I got some sunshine and a reminder that there are so many unexpected angels that cross our paths daily.

We put in a full day in town. I got to see my ‘long lost cousin’ and we stocked up on wood and milk. Lance commented that he planned to be lazy when we got home. I was amused that the minute after he parked Big Red in her rightful spot on our driveway, he proceeded to go help a new neighbor cut down a tree that was too close to a power line. I am reminded of the many helpful things the angel I married is always doing.

Our friend Chris once said “never miss an opportunity to be a hero”. Hero, angel, knight in shining armor, whatever you want to call it, I’m thankful for those that appear in my life, daily. Maybe I’ll be called into service more, I just hope I have the right tools.

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  1. I love this! Ask Lance about the time he came to visit me and I ran out of gas on 280 in Homewood and in the middle of July…lol. I was so excited about his visit that I forgot to gas up! He handled it like a pro then too… 🙂

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