And… We’re Back! In Alabama and Blogging About it

We’re back in Alabama and I’m going to attempt to get back into the habit of blogging our adventures for friends and family near and far. It’s been many months of ‘no blogging’ for Mare.  I hate to make excuses (but I’m gonna anyway), we’ve been a little busy these past few months. Lance encouraged me to hop back onto the blogosphere saddle and capture our latest adventure in words (and pictures). This entry will serve as my first ‘jog around the block’ to get back into the habit of sharing our anything but dull life.  Great timing since we JUST closed on the purchase of our ‘final resting place’ property this morning.

Most of my readers know that Lance is a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ (and he readily inserts: ‘Master of none’). We became rather dissatisfied with Realtors up in Idaho. We were lied to, ignored and poorly represented, so Lance took on the role (again) as our listing agent. We had Realtors tell us we would be lucky to get $89k for our rehabbed cabin (that is, those Realtors that actually made the trek out to preview our place). I’ll cut to the chase- Lance had a (cash) contract on our place a month after we put the sign in the yard for our asking price of $135k.  The only thing that could’ve gone better was for there to have been a bidding war between interested buyers. The funny thing is- we met a great Realtor that just moved to our community right as we were packing up to move out. Hey, if anyone plans to buy or sell real estate in northern Idaho, I will hook you up with Kimberly Rae!

photo-2In early June it was time to hitch our covered wagon to the truck and head back to Bama- 2380 miles.  Thankfully the mister had been loading up our 28ft cargo trailer for a few months prior to listing the cabin so more than ½ the packing battle was done. That 4-day journey SE turned into 2 weeks.  Along the way I was thinking of the tune from Gilligan’s Island, “They set sail that day for a three hour tour…a THREE hour tour…”  There were times I thought I was going to have to start looking for property in Casper, WY.  I think I’ll save that whole chunk of June fiasco for it’s own blog entry.

We rolled into our destination place (Sylacauga, Alabama) on Fathers Day Eve.  I was ready to kiss the ground (had it not been so dang hot, muggy and buggy outside).  We’ve set up temporary camp with some dear, sweet (kind, patient, generous, fun) friends, Rockey & Janice Pittman (+ Rockne, Hannah & Mr. Whiskers).  They, too, deserve their own blog post…

Lance took a whole 2.5 days to recoup before we hit the Dodge running around to over 3 dozen potential properties.  Again, those excursions deserve their own posts as well.  Let me fast forward to today. WE CLOSED on 23.61 acres located in the Talladega National Forest in the cozy little town of Sycamore. Two hours after handing over the check we’re out here on the property working with a good ol’ boy and his big arse dozer. It’s hot, the bugs are bad and I didn’t pack enough water or sunscreen (<-for the Mr.)… this is all a learning experience. I hope you’ll join us as we proceed to create our unique, final resting place, back in

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  1. awesome. glad you guys are within striking distance again. I like Alabama! Miss you two. Hope to see you soon. Tell Lance I call myself a jack of all trades, competent at none. In our (Krista and I’s current endeavor to fully rehab a house, Krista’s dad (roughly speaking) is the carpenter and I am the electrician and plumber, and I use the terms electrician and plumber veeerry loosely. I tell Krista I know how to do things, but her dad knows how to do them right. Biiig difference. 🙂 Keep bloggin Mare!

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