A Recipe For Happy Holidays

A Recipe For Happy Holidays

How corny is that : A recipe for happy holidays? Forgive me. I am originally from Iowa and this kernel doesn’t fall far from the cob. I can pretend to be sophisticated, wise and insightful. For about 4 minutes. Then the real me shines through. I am a very contented homebody that thinks maybe, just maybe, I have the secret to possessing the joy of the season. Read on…

Important ingredients to have on hand for happy holidays:

  1. A companion you enjoy being with (spouse, lover, dog, pal, child…)
  2. A small, cozy abode
  3. Plenty of peacefulness
  4. A ‘less is more’, menality

Mix all the ingredients together and wala, you will have yourself a merry little life, now.

Companion– I married the person I love spending the most time with. We can be watching a movie, digging in the dirt or doing chores. Just knowing we’re working toward a common aim encourages me to work harder. Enjoyable companion √

Cozy Abode– I have owned a huge house (well, the bank let us live there as long as we made large monthly payments). I can honestly say that I am happier living in this tiny cabin than in that 1/2 million dollar house. Less to clean, heat/cool plus lower taxes owed each year. More time & $ for me!

Peacefulness– I don’t think I could ever live in a big city. In fact I don’t even think I could live in a subdivision again. Lance and I are actually planning to sell our cozy cabin and find a property with more land.  On that acquired land, we hope to build our tiny dream home (an earth bermed, small, one level dwelling). No sirens, cars honking or boom boxes for miles and miles.

Doing less is my secret ingredient for obtaining happy holidays.  I use to spend so much time, money and thought on Christmas decorating, baking and gift giving. This year I did so much less. No decorating, no card creating, very little baking and only a few simple (useful) gifts for my kiddos. In an effort to bring them the same joy, I told them one of my gifts to them is to not buy us anything. We have what we need. All I want from them is their love… aww, the corny continues.

Friends and coworkers often ask, “Are you ready for Christmas?” In the past, when I worked my butt off to do what society deemed necessary for a Merry Christmas, I’d say, “Yes, I am ready for it to be over”.  Now when asked if I am ready for Christmas, I say “sure”. I love having everything I need AND more snail mail than ever this time of year, complete with adorable photos of people I love.

If Jesus really is the reason for the season, why are we spending so much time and money on stuff that has no meaning to Him. It may be too late for you to have a happy holiday but I hope my recipe comes to mind next season.

With Love,

Mary & Lance,

along with- Teener, Blondie, Hootie, JuJu & Marge

Got eggs? We do!

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