Oh, IdahoThis is another image shared by our Realtor in Idaho.  We’re waiting, impatiently, for Kirk to get internet so he can send photos with the views near us.  The neighbors have ‘dial-up’, Lance is investigating other options.  We can live without alot of things, but if we lose communication with the outside world, we may have to fix that house really FAST and sell it even faster.  A bump in the journey.  It’ll get figured out.

In the meantime, Kirk has landed in Saint Maries, ID!  He’s already met some neighbors and they’ve taken him under their wing (thankfully, since his cell phone doesn’t have service in that neck of the woods).  Lance has fixed up many houses, but never from 2400 miles away.  It’s frustrating for both Knoechel men.  Needless to say, the elder brother is VERY anxious to get out there (the minor details of closing on this one, packing up, then heading west).

Aside from the internet and phone issues, there were a few more undesirable discoveries.  Not unexpected, when you buy a house via the internet.  It’s more remote than we thought, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Apparently it’s 5 miles down a narrow gravel road that you don’t want to 1st navigate at night, or else.  There is a shed off the deck, which we plan to use to store firewood.  Seems it’s missing 2 sides (clever camera angle hid this).  No biggie.  You should’ve seen the Sylacauga barn before Lance used his magic wand (and elbow grease) on it.  The foundation isn’t quite what we thought, but also, something the Knoechel men can address with finesse.  The yard is, as expected, a jungle.

Thankfully, there are more unexpected plusses.  The pole barn is bigger and newer than we anticipated.  That excites Lance.  Our Realtor got a quote for another client to build a pole barn that size and it was close to $30,000.  My dad use to always say, “You can tell who wears the pants in the family when you compare the house with the  barn”.  Well, Dad, I am very happy to report, Lance is wearing da pants!  The house has a tin roof, I’ve always wanted one (I may change my tune after the first night of rain pecking down on it).  The roof appears to be in great shape, reports the Knoechel IN Idaho.  The interior needs expected updating, but the walls have fresh paint and the good news is, the upstairs is alot bigger than it looks, plus the ceilings are as high as 9ft and drop to 7ft on the sides.  I’m glad Lance and I called dibs on that space.  There is even a pantry near the tiny kitchen (you’d be surprised at how many homes don’t have a pantry).  That’s a huge plus in my book.

Kirk is LOVING the weather.  He’s from Cincinnati, so his 1.5 months in Alabama were even more grueling during June/July. Apparently, Idaho is where to be in the summer months!   My local weather shows it’s going to be 95 here in Bama, with a real feel of 103.  In Saint Maries, its getting up to 83, with a real feel of 85.  I’m sure you will all be anxiously awaiting my winter words here.  Let’s see if I remember how to drive in the snow.  Heck, I grew up in Iowa so it shouldn’t be too much of a shock.  I even wore skirts to school (uniforms) and rode the bus in below freezing weather.  I’ll be fine, I hope.

Life IS dandy, better than good most days.  Thank You, Lord.

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  1. I’m totally visiting you whenever I have a nervous breakdown and need a place to escape. Is that okay? If you say no, I’ll just find your house anyway and sleep in your yard.

    1. Lmfao, Di is funny!

      Hey, if I had a family member I really liked in ID, I’d be more inclined to go … 😉 The thought of living somewhere thousands of miles from any ‘s makes me sad!

    1. Yes, I love your sis’s humor. When I finally got to meet her (after your wedding) I realized she wasn’t a biotch after all… just a wise acre.

      Ah, so I only need to get ONE Gieske (‘i’ before ‘e’) to Idaho and you’ll be packing? Having 2 German Ohioians, doesn’t count?

  2. Ah Internet…I’m glad we thought about that before we bought our place in WY. Jimmy actually brought his laptop with snd aircard out to the property to make sure it would work. You didn’t have the ability to do that, so it is what it is. You,ll figure it out! We have since changed to the local Internet and it’s a bit slow…but both of our laptops are wrecked at the moment (thanks to Justin) so the 3G on my phone will have to do.

    Our neighbors are amazing and I’m sure yours will be too. Ive still not met anyone in the entire state that dont like. Your neighbors can be a lifesaver in the west, so don’t ever pass up the chance to lend a hand…it will come back to you many times For example, we spent a day on the mountain, mending fences for an elderly rancher (had a blast by the way) and now he’s giving us his old snowcat. We “need” a snowcat!

    Oh…getting back to the Internet and phone…we had to loose our ATT iPhones. ATT does not have much service out here. They’ll tell you they do. They lie. Verizon kicks butt though, so we got new phones and WY numbers.

    Remember I said this next part…what seems remote now will not seem remote for long. (let’s hope). Our place is about 14 miles from town. We’re 4.5 miles off the interstate and 2.2 miles of that is our gravel road. I thought this felt remote…until I went to place that really are remote. Luckily, our road was in great shape when I got here…needs a little work now, but easily navigated in my Jeep. Hopefully you won’t have any “drift” prone areas when the snow comes. We have one bad spot, but luckily our road loops around and we can get out the opposite direction.

    The house sounds like fun. I love a tin roof! I wouldn’t worry too much about the shed…Realtors who do stuff like that will all burn together in hell. I always Geordie was important to show the true condition in my photos on write-up.

    The summers are perfect! I will never live in the south again! Just keep in mind that you’ll be arriving about the same time if year that I arrived here…and the snow season will be creeping in. Go ahead and be looking for snow boots. These will be your best friend. I wear mine everywhere. I keep a regular pair of shoes at the bank and swap them out. Mine are rated to 30 below zero and have a removal liner. I keep them near the heat at night so they’ll be warm when I start my day.

    I’ve gone thru some gloves and mittens trying to find what will keeps my hands warm. Check out baabaazuzu.com. Theirs are the bomb. I have mittens, a cap, and a headband. I’ll be adding one of their scarves this winter. Pricey…but totally worth it.

    The weather is has its extremes…but everything else makes it worth it. This is our grand adventure and Idaho will be yours!

    Anytime I’ve started to second-guess our decision to come here, I walk out and see those amazing mountains snd breath in “fresh” air and all doubts go away. I am home in Wyoming.

    Love you Mary!

  3. Sorry for all the typos in that post…between my failing eyesight and the autocorrect on the damn iPhone, I can appear less intelligent than I really be! HA!

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