My new "office" desk
My new “office” desk

I really hate those “just gotta have” desires. Sometimes they are just so ruthless that we would be willing to give up our firstborn to Rumpelstiltskin to achieve them. Giving into such wants can often lead to negative effects – like an expensive dam that doesn’t hold water.

One desire that Mare and I shared was for a desk – her’s in the kitchen and mine in the “office”. I designed spaces just for these built-in desks in our home plans. I like built-in furniture. It can be a much more efficient use of space and it has a much cleaner look. On the down side, if you are of the inclination to be constantly re-arranging furniture to change things up a bit, built-ins are not for you.

Little did I know just how expensive they could be. Since we were already significantly over budget, I put off the whole desk project until later.

Mare's desk
Mare’s desk

Well, “later” has arrived. I just got tired of the mess in what I call my “office” – an eight foot wide cubby in our bedroom. A vinyl table with fold up legs served as a desk until my OCD could no longer take it.

I ordered another matching cabinet to go above Mare’s desk from Home Depot and ordered the drawer bases and countertops from my neighbor, Franky. The Home Depot cabinet arrived last week and Franky received all of his order yesterday. So I immediately began cleaning out the “cubby”, including the removal of the already installed baseboard.

Franky showed up first thing this morning and we immediately got to work. Both desks installed without too many hiccups. Now, to re-install the baseboard (added to the not so short to-do list) and some shelves!

Was this an¬†extravagant expense? Probably, but at least they don’t leak.

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