Hampton Inn inspired bedside reading lamps
Hampton Inn inspired bedside reading lamps

Some would call me a well-organized individual, yet I never feel quite organized. Some call this OCD, which is just politically correct for “anal retentive”. I call it “getting situated”, but it’s more of a process than an outcome in reality.

When I worked as a contractor for a large medical device manufacturer, I stayed in hotels 3-5 nights a week. My go-to hotel was the Hampton Inn. It was reasonably priced, free wi-fi and breakfast, consistent quality and reading lights on the wall.

Mare's wall lamp over her future desk for all her stuff
Mare’s wall lamp over her future desk for all her stuff

I liked those reading lights on the wall. They freed up valuable real estate on the nightstands for all my “stuff”. Yes, even on the road, I have lots of stuff: wallet, keys, notepad, pen, iPad, drink, snacks, computer, phone, etc. But stuff can’t just be anywhere. It must be accessible. And since my favorite spot after a long day of work was on the bed, the nightstand must conveniently provide access to all my stuff. Even stuff I prolly wouldn’t need any time soon, like my keys. Cuz if all my stuff wasn’t in one place, I could easily miss taking it with me the next morning.

So, can you see the extremely valuable importance of wall lamps? That’s why our home came designed with such a wonderful feature.

I like these wall lamps, but there are two things I would change about them: 1) the turn switch up by the light would be moved to a flat toggle switch on the base for easier access and, 2) there would be an outlet on the base so I could plug in one of my pieces of stuff. Of course, both of these features were included in the Hampton Inn wall lamps. The people there must have a serious case of OCD or, at least, they understand those who do. I like that. But if anyone from Hampton Inn is reading this blog, that chord that runs from the wall lamp to an outlet? – Not very OCD. Just sayin’.

Maybe one day I’ll seek to get more “situated” and I’ll replace these quite nice lamps with with ones that more exactly round out my features list.

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